Welcome to InterChemNet (ICN)
InterChemNet (ICN) is a specially designed web based program developed at the University of Maine to help manage the laboratory course. The ICN program establishes personalized homepages for students, instructors and administrators to track progress throughout the semester, obtain lab assignments, download lab procedures, and even find links to safety data. There are several features that make InterChemNet one of the most advanced and innovative lab software programs in the world!
The first feature is access and use of modern chemical instrumentation such as UV-visible and/or infrared spectrometers. Chemists in research labs, environmental testing labs and hospitals around the world use spectrometers to investigate and test chemical compounds. The ICN program helps acquire instrumental data quickly and store it for 24/7 analysis from any web browser in the world!
The second feature individualizes the laboratory experience. This is a feature that must be activated by an instructor. If available, the ICN program can offer you choices of lab experiments, so students can select an experiment that best matches their interests. The ICN program is also capable of varying lab exercises, unknowns, and procedures for each lab experiment. This variation introduces a degree of excitement in lab because no longer will it be easy to know what the ‘correct” answer is for a particular lab.

The third feature involves evaluation before and after a lab experiment.The questions may involve a multiple choice or text response. Analysis of the collective evaluation data is part of research aimed at understanding the effectiveness of instructional techniques and curricula, and administrators can view evaluation responses immediately.