The labs for the last week of classes have been posted for CHY 123 and CHY 133. Please note there will be no opportunities to make this lab up if you miss it.

Make-up labs for CHY 123 and CHY 133: please see optional assignment #12 for instructions about making up a lab.

These assignments have been posted.

If you have questions, contact your TA.

When submitted assignments, you may need to reduce the file size (i.e. it should not be over 5 MB) by creating a pdf and reducing the size of this. Adobe has such as website for compressing pdf file:

The Zoom links on your dashboard should work now. Please keep ready the link sent in a recent email. These two links should be the same. If they are not, contact

If you have issues related to the course or with TAs, please contact the chemistry professor in charge of the general chemistry lab program: Dr. Mitchell Bruce at

If you have problems related to lab experiments, please contact the lab manager, Dr. Sarah Bernard at

Last updated on November 30, 2022