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Upcoming Weeks Experiments (Note Lab on Tuesday!):

Week 2:

Monday (6/17) Writing Lab Report Workshop – (Bring lab notebook; start draft of Phases of Water lab report)

Tuesday (6/18) Exploring a Colligative Property: Freezing Point Depression (Lab Report due on June 25)

Wednesday (6/19) Juneteenth Day - no labs

Thursday (6/20) Antacid Experiment (Lab Report due on June 27)

Week 3:

Monday (6/24): Mandatory Help Session 

When submitting assignments, you may need to reduce the file size (i.e. it should not be over 5 MB) by creating a pdf and reducing the size of this. Adobe has such as website for compressing pdf. file:
If you have issues related to the course or with TAs, please contact the chemistry professor in charge of the general chemistry lab program: Dr. Mitchell Bruce at

If you have problems related to lab experiments, please contact the lab manager, Dr. Sarah Bernard at

Last updated on June 14, 2024