Spring Courses are now available

Welcome to Spring 2020 Semester.
You will need a lab packet for the lab course: Spring 2020 Chemistry: InterChemNet® (ICN)® Access Packet for CHY 123 & CHY 124 courses. The packet includes an access code and lab notebook.

The packet is available only through the bookstore. If you purchase anything online, and the code has already been activated, this will not allow you to establish your account for spring 2020.

During the first week you need to activate your account and complete assignment #1 by January 26th, 2020 (midnight).

If you have issues related to the course or with TAs, please contact the chemistry professor in charge of the general chemistry lab program: Dr. Mitchell Bruce at

If you have problems related to lab experiments, please contact the lab manager, Fuoad Sulley at

Last updated on January 20, 2020