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Nov. 11 - Veterans day. No classes (i.e. no labs).

Please note (from the Syllabus):
If you decide to drop CHY 123 or 133, you must drop the lab. There are no exceptions anticipated to this rule (see syllabus for more details).

What are the Learning Outcomes of Lab?
• Understand safe practices in lab
• Engage in a process of scientific inquiry in chemistry
• Be able to identify underlying chemical content through laboratory investigations including such concepts as conservation of mass, limiting reactants, heats of reaction, concentration expressed in moles per liter, dilution, pH, oxidation and reduction, and spectroscopy
• Understand how to keep a lab notebook, record valid data, analyze data, and make a scientific claim using evidence and scientific reasoning

If you have issues related to the course or with TAs, please contact the chemistry professor in charge of the general chemistry lab program: Dr. Mitchell Bruce at mbruce@maine.edu

If you have problems related to lab experiments, please contact the lab manager, Fuoad Sulley at fuoad.saliousulley@maine.edu
Last updated: November-11-2019
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